Services Offered under Bharosa Centre

1 Women Help Line Receiving the calls, allocating the case to the concerned wing as per the requirement, transferring the Cases to concerned area centres
2 Registration of Cases Each Case will be registered and a comprehensive Case Profile will be prepared online using software by the Socio – Counsellors (Case Workers), the cases will be categorized depending on the requirements of the victim and they will be directed accordingly to different wings of Center. “Bharosa” –Support Center will provide rescue and referral services to the women affected by violence
3 Police & Prosecution Services The “Bharosa” –Support Center will facilitate the lodging of FIR/NCR/DIR. Police officials of the concerned area Police Stations will register the cases and also help the victim in prosecution of the culprit. They will see that safety & security is provided to the victim and victim family / supporters, and do Follow up of the case until the case reaches the concerned Court by building the Evidences required for the case.
4 Medical Complete medical help to the victim (Both Emergency & Long Term including follow up) will be provided by the medical wing. Medical Examination room is available in “Bharosa” –Support Center. Women affected by violence would be referred to the nearest Hospital for further medical aid after preliminary examination at “Bharosa” –Support Center, which would be undertaken as per the guidelines and protocols developed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
5 Counselling & Therapy Clinical counsellors will provide psycho-social counselling to the needed victim. This counselling process will give women confidence and support to address the violence or to seek justice for the violence perpetuated. Psychological Counselling & Therapy will be provided by empanelled trained Psychologists and on call Psychiatrists and therapists
6 Legal The Legal Officer will provide Legal Aid, Guidance, Counselling, Witness & victim support until the case is closed and victim gets justice. Analysis of Cases will be taken up by the Legal Volunteers. On call Advocates and professors of Law Colleges will help the cases which need expert advice along with National/State/District Legal Service Authority.
7 VictimRehabilitation Shelter (Short stay or Long stay) & Employment (Capacity Analysis, Training, Placement, and Linking with Banks for self – employment) services will be provided by linking the victim to the concerned Nodal officers of the different institutions and Government departments by the Case Workers. The temporary shelter facility to aggrieved women will be provided by referring to the empanelled NGOs. For long term shelter requirements, arrangements will be made with SwadharGreh/Short Stay Home (managed/affiliated with government/NGO).
8 Speedy Justice through Video Conferencing Facility To facilitate speedy and hassle free police and court proceedings the Center will provide video conferencing facility. Through this facility if the aggrieved woman wants, she can record her statement for police/ courts from the Center using audio-video electronic means as prescribed under sections 161(3), 164(1) and 275(1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure and section 231(1) in line with Order XVIII Rule 4 of the Code of Civil Procedure.